Naked 100 e-Liquid Review - As Close To Real Fruit As You're Going To Get

Written By Josh Lindsey - May 12 2016

Let's get this review started. With only three flavors available at the time of this writing, Naked 100 is a brand with limited options, but an interesting promise. The Naked 100 name implies transparency and simplicity of the juice itself, and I can say with the utmost confidence that it delivers. The first flavor that caught my eye, and eventually intrigued me enough to review the full line was Green Blast. The two other flavors are the strawberry filled Lava Flow and the tropical Amazing Mango: their flagship blend. Each flavor takes a simple, yet powerful flavor and elevates it using other, unconventional blends like Pineapple or Kiwi. Overall this is a well balanced and sweet flavored e-Juice line that offers plenty of flavor albeit their small lineup.

Naked100 Review by Drops of Vapor Naked 100 Green Blast e-Liquid

Let's start off with my favorite. Green Blast is Naked100's take on a juicy and crisp green apple. They elevate the apple flavor by introducing subtle melon and kiwi notes to bring out the crisp and mouthwatering, natural apple notes. The first thing you notice when you open the bottle is the strong apple smell. The interesting thing however, is the melon undertones that you can immediately sense following the prominent apple. Vaping Green Blast was a very relaxing and satisfying experience, but throughout the whole experience I couldn't help but wonder, what happened to the Kiwi. I was expecting to get some sort of a Kiwi kick, but it never came, no matter what I tried to do. Sure, the Apple was delicious and the melon aftertaste took the slight tartness and sourness of the apple flavor and made it sweet and juicy, but I just couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing. Don't get me wrong, the overall delivery was truly exceptional and honestly, I wouldn't change it in any way, but if you add a flavor on the label, I expect to taste it.

Naked 100 e-Liquid Review by Drops of Vapor Image Naked100 e-Liquid

Next up is the Strawberry Lava Flow and the Amazing Mango. Lava Flow has a strong and overpowering aroma as soon as you pop off the lid. The pineapple is there as well, but nowhere near as prominently as the Melon in Green Blast. When vaping, the Pineapple takes a back seat and lets the Strawberry shine, which is a great choice, from Naked 100's end. The strawberry is a strong and delicious flavor that reminds me of summers days going strawberry picking at a local farm. A masterfully balanced blend with the pineapple playing a subtle role after you inhale, to settle the senses and clear out the overwhelmingly aromatic and sweet strawberry taste. The third component is the ever so subtle coconut. Although you can't exactly smell it, or really taste it, it's there. You get a very subtle coconut hit when the flavor transitions from the strawberry to a more subtle, yet noticeable pineapple. The three flavor profiles in Lava Flow e-Liquid work together to bring out a complete and delicious final product.

Amazing Mango is a creamy and slightly peachy take on a bold Mango juice. The flavor is mouthwateringly aromatic with a consistent and well balanced draw. The first thing that hits you is the unapologetic mango taste, followed by a smooth creamy texture. This combination is wrapped up with a subtle drop of peach taste to help ease the transition between the two. A bold mango flavor, masterfully transitioned into a creamy and relaxing finish.

Simple and clear ingredients, masterfully combined. That's the shortest way I could find to describe this line. Naked 100 takes familiar and sometimes over used flavors, and makes something unique with them. In every case, the result is superb and unmatched, but beware of some advertised secondary flavors being almost too subtle to notice.

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