Brand Highlights:

Naked 100 e juice focuses on simple fruit flavors and delivers every time. Each Naked100 e juice blend stands on its own without the need for filler or substitute flavors. Just a simple and delicious juice. Naked 100 comes in a variety of flavors that focus on traditional staple fruits and using secondary flavors to bring out the best blends possible. Each blend is available in a number of nicotine concentrations and comes in a 30/70 PG/VG ratio. Naked100 is an ideal beginner e juice that tends to be extremely forgiving with any vape setup.

Tasting Notes:

Naked100 e juice is developed and mixed with one goal in mind: simplicity. This is obvious in the juice itself. Each flavor consists of one primary ingredient like green juicy apple and uses other bold and powerful ingredients to bring out the best from the primary component. This is the most obvious in Amazing Mango, where the peaches and cream blend creates a soft, creamy base for the Mango to truly shine. Each flavor is bold yet refreshingly light, with zero harsh aftertaste. The e juice itself is smooth and clear with a balanced and well-mixed consistency. Ideally this brand should be vaped at a low to medium temperature to ensure that the high VG eliquid does not begin to burn. However, Naked100 is a very forgiving juice that will be able to survive a higher temperature, without losing too much of its delicious flavor. Overall, Naked 100 e juice is a fantastic eliquid for beginner and expert alike.

Available Flavors:

Lava Flow e juiceGreen Blast e juiceAmazing Mango e juice.

Additional Information:

Naked 100 e juice is made in the USA.